Hydraulic Cylinder Guard System

In response to customers requests, Equipment Armor worked to develop a Hydraulic cylinder guarding system to protect both hydraulic hoses and fittings from impact of fly rock to prevent potential damage to machines. Also, protecting operators from flying hydraulic hoses cut loose under pressure and other unsafe situations that can be created by leaking hydraulic lines.

The Equipment Armor Hydraulic Cylinder Guard is a simple bolt on bracket system which allows for:

  1. Either center or top mount cylinder brackets depending on hose and fitting configuration.
  2. Easily movable from machine to machine.
  3. Provides for both vertical and horizontal adjustment.
  4. Is frameless, with the use of 1/2" polycarbonate, is lighter and stronger than a 1/4" sheet of polycarbonate in a framed system.
  5. Allows for simple attachment of various media including polycarbonate, rubber, metal plate, or metal mesh.
  6. Allows full visibility to hydraulic lines and fitting for pre-shift inspection.
  7. Provides easy access to hydraulic lines and fittings - just pull four 12mm bolts.

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